Meet Our Team

John S. Lindemann

For over twenty-five years, John has provided underwriting, coverage and claims counsel to insurers regarding complex risks and high-severity losses.

Dale T. Miller

For more than twenty-five years, Dale has represented insurers and reinsurers in coverage matters, including litigation, arbitration and the analysis of complex claims.

Ellen D. Jenkins

Ellen has more than twenty years of experience counseling insurers in complex and high-stakes coverage disputes in a variety of areas.

Richard J. Siebert

For over twenty-five years, Rich has served insurers nationwide as coverage, claims, and trial counsel.

Michael A. Kuiken

For almost fifteen years, Mike has served insurers nationwide as coverage, claims, and trial counsel.

Janette M. Forman

Janette is an experienced insurance coverage defense counsel, also with medical malpractice, appellate, and business litigation experience.

Tessa Torcivia

Tessa is a recent graduate of Washington University School of Law.

Anne E. Leners

Anne is a non-attorney specialist with a degree in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University.

Anna Jeffries

Anna is a non-attorney specialist with degree in mathematics and experience as a professional technical writer.

Jennifer Joy, Ph.D.

Jennifer is a non-attorney specialist

Eileen M. Lynch, Ph.D.

Eileen has a Ph.D. in Tumor Biology/ Oncology and a decade of research and technical writing experience for the biopharmaceutical, healthcare, and nutraceutical industries.

Connie M. Patrick

Connie is the executive assistant to Firm Leadership and office manager.